Top Reasons to Own a Pet

From the saying that a person who does not feel any warmth for pets has no soul, you can deduce that pets are indeed important to our life. Oh yes, and they do serve a great purpose in our life too. For example, I have learned great lessons from dog and cat. I have learned that my cat is loyalty, I think that is not just something that they learn but are born with, and that my dog is that faithful, the painfully loyal servant who will never leave his master’s side. But it is the entire purpose of having a cat living in my home, eating my food, enjoying the warmth of my sofas and beds that I have never fully deduced. My cat expects me to serve him, spoil him, tickle him, rub his fur and so much more for him. And all for what? He cannot even play fetch. But I adore him all the same.


Over the years that I have lived with pets, I have learned why they are so important to our life.


A pet gives your life purpose

Fancy having a dog that needs to be fed, shampooed and taken out for exercise. That alone should give you a reason to come back home every evening. It is also a good idea to place the care of some of your pets under your children as it gives them a sense of responsibility. They feel mature and proud and you know what, that is just what leads to great patriotism later in life.


Pets cheer us up


Pets are playful. They are bundles of energy and joy, very much like little healthy babies and they can hardly sit still when you are around. A kitten will pull at your breaches, will sit on your lap, climb on your shoulder and do many more exciting things. With such energy, enthusiasm and joy, you really cannot afford to stay angry.


Pets can protect your home when you are away


Depending on your neighborhood, consider getting a German Shepherd for a pet. The bark alone is enough to keep vandals away, even when you are not at home. While protection is not the main purpose for getting a pet, the truth is that a dog will guard you faithfully, and will even pay the ultimate price if need be just to keep you safe.


Pets can help you exercise


Pets need a lot of exercises. Remember, they do not work. Therefore, if you do not take them out for exercise, they will grow fat, maybe even get obese and that is not good for their health. Your dog needs to be walked around the neighborhood, would be good if he met some of the neighbors too. Your cat also needs exercise. You will be forced to exercise too as you will have to keep up with your pet. If you love jogging or running, take your dog for the exercise. Two runners are better than one.


Great for outdoor activities


This mostly applies to dogs. You see, a dog makes a great companion when you are going fishing, biking, hiking, trekking, camping or even kayaking. Dogs are very obedient and they will stay by your side all through the outdoor vacation. However, be careful to exercise some general caution, for example, keeping the dog leashed on busy trails. You should also find out whether the places where you intend to go allow pets. If they do, you will never regret this decision. You will have a great trail companion with you.


Reduce stress

Pets will not prevent stress, but they can help lower it for you. For example, you can cuddle with your pets on the bed or seats, and in that moment of warmth, you can actually forget that you are stressed. The pets will also keep you busy, feeding and taking care of them. For these and more reasons, research shows that people who live with pets are happier than those without.


Makes you feel good about yourself


If we do not provide homes for pets, where will they go? If you have adopted a pet at home, you have done a great thing, something that you will always be very proud of. By feeding and nurturing that animal, you have truly helped mankind, and you can be entrusted the care of other human beings as well.


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